IPA Residency

CIMT is now a site for the Functional Manual Therapy™ Foundation  Orthopedic Residency  through the Institute of Physical Art.

Contact Karen Johnson if you are interested in applying for the residency program.

Contact Us

scheduling@cimtpt.com, 410-740-2155
Please contact us via email or voicemail. Our appointment coordinator, Lisa, responds to inquiries three times per day Monday through Friday. She works offsite at her home office.
CIMT Is inside the Optimum Performance Training Institute
9130F Red Branch Road, Columbia, MD 21045

Karen Johnson

The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies

CIMT was established in Columbia, Maryland on March 27, 2000, by Karen A. Johnson, MPT, CFMT and Cathy D. Kohlenstein, MSPT, CFMT. We provide highly specialized manual physical therapy treatment in a healthy, healing therapeutic environment. Each physical therapist at The Center has extensive post-graduate training in manual physical therapy evaluation and treatment techniques. Our physical therapists have a reputation for solving even the most difficult and treatment-resistant musculoskeletal dysfunctions and we stay abreast of the latest research in physical therapy. Our first step is determining the cause of our clients’ symptoms through a full body postural and movement evaluation. We then treat the cause of the problem to alleviate the symptoms. In this way, clients typically need fewer treatment sessions, and are less likely to experience recurrence of their pain and dysfunction

Treatment Sessions

Sessions are typically one hour in length, although the duration can be modified according to the needs of each client. Our physical therapists work one-on-one with each client for the duration of the treatment session. Our treatment assists each client to achieve optimal health and wellness and enhances the client’s ability to perform daily tasks, exercises, athletics, and recreational activities. We focus on pain reduction, improved posture, strength, coordination, and movement. In addition to manual therapy techniques, we emphasize exercise and client education. Through a combination of manual therapy, exercise and education, we help our clients become independent in self care. As a result, our client’s are able to continue their progress and decrease the chance of relapse after they are discharged from physical therapy.

Who We Serve

Our clients include a diverse group of adults and children in the Howard County, Maryland and surrounding Mid Atlantic region.

Treatment Room

treatment room

We stay abreast of the latest research and developments in manual physical therapy techniques.