CIMT Expands Its PT Practice

CIMT Expands Its PT Practice With Three Functional Manual Therapists


COLUMBIA, Maryland – October 5, 2016 - The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies (CIMT) is now the only Howard County facility to employ three certified functional manual therapists.  Scott Juzwak and Kyle McIntyre have recently joined founding therapist and owner, Karen Johnson, to provide this unique form of physical therapy.  Scott is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and his areas of expertise include golf rehab, baseball injuries, dry needling and visceral mobilization.  Kyle achieved the highest level of distinction when he received his manual therapy certification.  His specialties include yoga, sports and complicated orthopedic issues.


“I am thrilled with our expansion and our Team of remarkably skilled therapists, and our ability to treat so many more people who deserve positive therapeutic outcomes,” says founder Karen Johnson. All three therapists are now accepting new clients for evaluation and treatment by calling 410-740-2155 or using the website


Functional manual therapy is an advanced therapeutic method with which the

therapists at CIMT focus on discovering the underlying cause of pain, not just treating symptoms.  The body is evaluated as a functional unit, instead of individual body parts.  We specialize in using hands-on techniques to relieve pain and restore efficient movement patterns in order to prevent that pain from returning. Enhancing an individual’s quality of movement is essential to becoming more durable, achieving athletic/fitness goals, achieving optimal health and wellness, and advancing quality of life.  This unique combination of manual therapy and movement restoration leads to effective results in fewer sessions.


CIMT is located at 9130 Red Branch Road in the Optimum Performing Training Institute (OPTI).  The trainers at OPTI continue the focus on enhancing the quality of movement in addition to strength and conditioning.  “It’s a great compliment to the physical therapy provided at CIMT, offering individuals a chance to really maximize their overall wellness” says Johnson.


Contact Information:
Karen Johnson, Founder and Therapist
410 740 2155
9130 Red Branch RD
Suite F
Columbia, MD 21045





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