CIMT Joins OPTI for Level 1: Movement Restoration

Joe Sansalone and Corey Beavin taught their Level 1 Movement Restoration course in Boston, early in November.  They have been developing this material over the past few years.  It represents their evolving knowledge and expertise in understanding and training human movement.  Karen, Scott and Kyle attended the course, as part of their ongoing collaboration with OPTI (Optimum Performance Training Institute).  We have worked together for over 5 years, striving to improve function and quality of life of the people in the Baltimore-Washington area.

The course focused on participants developing an understanding of human movement and optimal motor development.  Participants learned how the principles of motor learning,  control and programming, apply to movement restoration and optimization.

OPTI's great mastery of movement restoration and optimization has been a great asset to  clients receiving treatment at CIMT, many of whom move on to training.   The coaches at OPTI are able to further client's rehabilitation and ultimately optimize their movement patterns, which often prevents reoccurring dysfunctions and pain.  Additionally, our team has been able to assist many clients at OPTI, by reducing pain and facilitating motor development through functional manual therapy.

For more information, please visit The Center for Integrated Manual Therapy's Website or Optimum Performance Training Institute's Website.

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