Collaboration / OPTI

The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies (CIMT) is located in Optimal Performance Training Institute (OPTI), a state of the art movement and strength training center owned by Joe Sansalone. We work very closely with the coaches at OPTI. We work with many clients in common, providing a unique, highly specialized combination of services. In our experience, many clients have reached levels of function and quality of life, that they would not have achieved with either service alone.

Joe Sansalone
Director and Head Performance Training Specialist
Optimum Performance Training Institute

The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies utilizes a treatment method that has effectively rehabilitated and eliminated pain for my clients and athletes. This same method is also used with my clients and athletes to decrease their potential for injury and increase their performance capabilities by treating, correcting, and restoring proper bio-mechanics and functional movement patterns. CIMT is unique in the rehabilitation world because they focus on identifying and treating the causes of injury and pain, not just the symptoms. Including CIMT’s methods is a must for any strength coach or performance specialist who wants their clients and athletes to perform at their best, increase resistance to injury, and become pain free.