Recap of CIMT’s Softball Teams Summer Seasons

The CIMT CoRec Wednesday night Division 1 HoCo Softball team had an outstanding Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, finishing in first place in the regular season with 14 wins against 6 loses in one of the better HoCo divisions.  The team swept Kelsey’s (a top area  tournament team) in all 4 match-ups to lead the way to the 14 wins.  The team had a good mix of young talent with a few crafty veterans to round-out the roster.  CIMT then entered the HoCo CoRec Playoff Tournament in Mid-July with a strong 10-team field.  CIMT came out of the losers bracket to get beat in the Championship game by a very strong Sonoma’s Bar & Grill team.  Second place was ours and the tired group was happy to have it in a well-played tournament.

The CIMT over 50 Men’s HoCo team didn’t fair quite as well, finishing with a 7-9-1 record with a packed field of 9 very competitive teams.  But as usual, we had great time, no major injuries to report and we were able to keep the team intact to prepare for the Fall season.

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