CIMT will present at Teelin School of Irish Dance on Feb. 12th

Karen Johnson, manual therapist and owner of The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies (CIMT), along with her colleagues Scott Juzwak and Kyle McIntyre, will be making a presentation at 12:00pm on Sunday, February 12th, at the Teelin School of Irish Dance.  Karen, Scott and Kyle, are trained as Certified Functional Manual Therapists (CFMT).  CIMT is the only physical therapy practice in Maryland that employs three CFMTs.

Karen and her colleagues will be speaking about Functional Manual Therapy, a form of physical therapy that is beneficial for both the treatment and prevention of injuries commonly sustained by Irish step dancers.  They will be specifically focusing on the foot, ankle and low back regions.  A demonstration of their evaluation and treatment techniques will also be given.  They will also show examples of unique exercises that their team uses to optimize movement, and to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Functional Manual Therapy is an unique approach.  We appreciate this opportunity to share some of our techniques with you.  Whether you've been injured or not, you will benefit from this presentation just by learning more about how your body works, and ways to move better, resolve pain, and decrease the risk of future injury.

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