Titleist Performance Institute Certified Expert at CIMT!

Have you ever experienced pain playing golf? Scott Juzwak is a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Expert in golf rehab.  We offer a comprehensive physical screen of your entire body to see where you have dysfunctions that are limiting your ability to perform an efficient golf swing.  If you are having pain with any aspect of your golf swing, this screen will not only find the sourse of the pain, but more importantly, it will figure out why you are having pain.  The evaluation includes (but is not limited to) looking at the following areas...

  • Thoracic Spine/Rib Cage: Restrictions in this region will prevent your body from getting proper rotation and leads to increased strain in the low back, shoulders and neck.
  • Lumbar Spine & Hips: Many golfers have limited hip rotation range of motion and/or decreased stability in the lumbar spine and pelvis.  This leads to poor force transfer from your legs into the arms and out through the club.  Another common cause for low back and upper body pain.
  • Feet: Proper foot mechanics are essential for generating power through the legs and for balance.  If you are not pushing off of a stable base through your feet, there is only so much force your legs can produce.
  • Neck/Shoulders: Having sufficient neck range of motion is critical in allowing your head to remain still during your swing, resulting in a more consistent swing and improved accuracy.  Shoulder stability helps with both overall force production and proper force transfer.

After your screen, you will receive skilled manual therapy and corrective exercises in order to eliminate your limitations.  This will allow you to swing a golf club the way your body was designed.  That alone will result in you hitting the ball without pain and with improved accuracy/power!

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